Where To Plant Dwarf Bougainvilleas

Quick Tips For Planting Dwarf Bougainvilleas

Where To Plant Dwarf Bougainvillea-a-bougainvillea-plant
Bougainvillea flowers

What I love about bougainvilleas is their ability to transform an outdoor living space or a garden area into a tropical paradise with their many colors, these hardy perennials are highly prized and are known as low-maintenance plants. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with these garden beauties on many projects as well as maintaining them.

Bougainvilleas plants once properly maintained will reward your effects with their amazing colorful display of beautiful flowers, the display of flowers that bougainvilleas put on can paint a dull garden with so many colors but to have this colorful show the proper water and fertilizing methods along with the right pruning procedures is a must along with installing in the right location.

Where to Plant Dwarf Bougainvilleas

Because bougainvilleas are sun-loving plants, the ideal location to install your bougainvillea is an area that gets lots of sunlight, this plant is a tropical beauty that will go to work for you (colorful flower blooms) when installed in the right location.

The Soil Preparation

Bougainvilleas soil type should be well-drained or sandy, a little compost however may be added to the planting hole to retain some moisture.

How to Plant Dwarf Bougainvilleas

When planting dwarf bougainvilleas give a spacing of  1-1/2 to 2 ft apart, the planting hole should be 1-foot wider than the bougainvilleas root ball, this extra foot will provide a comfortable space for the bougainvilleas roots to spread. When it comes to the planting depth the entire root ball should be in the hole. No part of the stem should be planted in the hole, the entire stem should be above ground.

The Use of Structures to Grow Bougainvilleas

When planting bougainvilleas in containers a trellis is needed to give support because bougainvilleas are climbers and need some form of structure to cling to and climb. If installing these plants in the ground then make sure they are planned either near a fence, lattice, or other structures where they can climb.

Other Places to Grow Bougainvilleas

  • Near and arbor
  • Near Stakes
  • Near a wall
  • Near railings

Just install your bougainvilleas on anything it can climb on however be careful of outside electrical structures, equipment, and appliances. Keep bougainvilleas far from these areas for safety reasons. You don’t want bougainvilleas climbing these areas.

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The final word on where to plant dwarf bougainvilleas

The bougainvillea plant has made a name for itself because of its hardiness, this plant can also be installed in coastal areas because of its ability to withstand a certain level of salt. Now that you know where to install bougainvilleas take advantage of this tropical beauty that has so many benefits. Just give this plant a try and get a taste of the tropics.


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