Why Plant Native Trees

Native Plant Benefits

Why Plant Native Trees-a-bird-eating-berries
A bird eating berries

There are thousands of tree species to choose from but despite the many choices, we should only choose trees that are native to our zone because the wrong choice of trees or plants that are non-native to our zone can become a challenge. The reason for this is trees that are adapted to their zone do not need as much maintenance or attention as trees that are being forced to thrive or adapt to an environment they are new to.

Planting Native Trees

A study has shown that planting native trees will encourage biodiversity, for example, native trees can support a great number of invertebrates, mammals, and birds including mosses and fungi depending on the species of native trees you’re growing in your zone.

6 Reasons to Grow Plants in Their Zones

1. Provides Shelter for Wildlife

Plants and trees that are native to your zone will not only grow healthy naturally without having to adapt but will become a natural habitat for the many wildlife. Trees and plants that are not native will have a harder time establishing themselves besides being of little value to wildlife.

2. Provides Food for Wildlife

Remember wildlife are accustomed to feeding on foods they are used to or that grow naturally in their habitat, providing native trees produce seeds, nuts, and berries which will help to bring balance to the ecosystem.

3. Water Less

Once established native trees require less water than non-native trees because they can thrive in weather conditions in their zones naturally.

4. Adaptes Easily

Because native trees can survive in their environment they can adapt naturally meaning less water and fertilizing and no need to continue to use pesticides for garden insect pest control. Native trees will naturally attract birds that will feed on insect pests.

5. Fertilizer Less

Soils that are healthy contain a number of nutrients, native trees that are growing in healthy soil have access to this nutrient which means you can fertilize less. You don’t have to use special fertilizers or fertilizers that are formulated for that particular tree species.

6. Non-Invasive

Native trees and plants are non-invasive because of this they have certain limitations that pertain to their growth pattern, which means they will not outgrow or take over a certain area but will grow within limits.

Other Benefits of Planting Native Trees

  • Native trees will help to clean the air that we breathe by removing dangerous dust and pollutants from the air
  • Native trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air reducing the greenhouse gases that can cause climate change
  • Native trees help in the cooling effect by providing shade in the summer reducing energy cost
  • Trees absorb stormwater runoff, reducing flooding and erosion
  • Trees help to shield against ultra-violet rays
  • Natives trees can help to filter water
  • Some native trees can be used for medical purposes
  • Trees Reduce noise

There are so many more benefits of growing native trees that can be added to this list, but from what was discuss we can see the importance of planting native trees

The final word on why plant native trees

Growing native trees/ plants has its benefits, it’s best to go native because going native will not only beautify your landscapes and gardens but will provide shelter, a home, and food for wildlife and will save you time and money. So let’s remember when planting trees to go native which will bring balance to our ecosystem and the environment as well.


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  1. What an informative and insightful post about the importance of planting native trees! I couldn’t agree more with the idea of choosing trees adapted to our zone, as it not only benefits the environment but also provides a natural haven for wildlife. Learning about the numerous advantages, from supporting biodiversity to cleaning the air and reducing energy costs, makes me even more excited to plant native trees in my own garden. Thank you for sharing this valuable information and reminding us of the positive impact we can make by going native!


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