Window Box Planting Ideas

Window Box Planting Ideas for Spring

Window Box-window-box-planting-ideas
Window Box

Spring is such a wonderful time when nature awakens from her long nap as our gardens and landscapes are painted with colors of beautiful flowering plants that give such
wonderful feelings. I have spent many days in the garden during this time of year taking in all that beauty as

I listened to the birds chirping flying about in the beautiful open sky or taking a rest in a tree nearby, butterflies in their array of colors flying back and forth about their daily task as bees are busy flying from plant to plant.

I believe this is when nature is at her best as trees and other plants put forth new leaves and that once sleeping lawn burst out with such a beautiful lush 0f  green which seems to say I am happy that winter has passed and spring is here.

Let’s get down and dirty

In a good way, of course, this is the time when we pull out those garden tools that have been sitting so peacefully in the tool shed and head for the garden as we prepare for another season of garden cleaning and renovation.

But besides the seem old you want to do something different that will really add to the overall appearance of your garden and landscape and then a light bulb turns on. Besides working in your garden you have a great idea of installing some window boxes

that will look really amazing and will bring some much-needed change, great, but where do I go from here and how do I accomplish this?

Well look no further, you have come to the right place.

Steps to successfully installing window boxes

  • The first thing to consider is the size of the window boxes which means taking some measurements of your windowsill to ensure that your boxes will fit perfectly
  • Choose containers or boxes that are deep and wide enough for the plants that are to be installed. Boxes should have drain holes to allow excess water to drain on through
  • Choose a good garden soil to install your plants. Garden compost is a good choice
  • Choice of plants should be considered depending on the location of window boxes, whether these boxes are installed in full, partial sun, or shade
  • If your using hanging plants drape the plant’s runners along the front of boxes, for example, vines, and other trailing plants
  • Taller plants should be at the rear
  • Planting annuals such as begonias in the middle will give that added flavor
  • When installing plants allow for some spacing for air circulation
Window Box-window-box-planting-ideas
Window Box

Window box planting ideas for spring

Proper care of plants

Keeping your plants healthy at all times is a must because you don’t want to invest in a garden project such as this only to have your plants not doing well.

  • Make sure to give your plants the right amount of water base on their water requirements.
  • Plant nutrients are so important therefore it is good to fertilize your plants once a week with a liquid fertilizer 
  • Keep your plants nicely groomed by keeping them well trimmed removing dead leaves
  • You may have some uninvited guest (insect pest) consider using an organic pesticide to bring these insect pests under control

Rule to go by

A good rule to go by is to talk with your nurseryman and find out as much information about the plants you are considering so you can be better informed. Just follow the guide I listed above.

The final word

Installing window boxes can really add that much need flavor to your spring garden as you welcome spring enjoying this time of year so consider taking on this garden project and bring that needed change as you connect with nature by giving nature a helping hand beautifying your surroundings.


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7 thoughts on “Window Box Planting Ideas”

  1. Great post Norman!

    I am thinking of installing some window boxes, but I get mixed reactions from friends about this. Some say plastic boxes are better; others like the wooden ones, and still others the wire kind with some kind of dried moss lining it.

    I am sure that they all look wonderful, but I have a south facing deck that gets quite hot in summer. Which kind holds the moisture best or will I have to water 2 or 3 times a day no matter what kind of box I get?

  2. Hi Norman, I enjoyed reading your article and I just love window boxes. Funnily enough, I have never had even one window box but I can admire those belonging to other people.

    Some years ago, a friend had similar to window boxes, but rather than being attached to her house, they were attached to a fence the full length of her driveway. She attended regularly to the flowers and they always looked so beautiful.

    It’s good advice you give, to talk to a nurseryman about the requirements of plants contained in window boxes. Enjoyment gained from any type of gardening comes from correct planting and ongoing care.

    Thank you for a very nice article.

    • Hello ValerieJoy so happy to see you and thanks so much for commenting. Window boxes are very beautiful and can really bring that added flavor. It would be good if you give a go at these boxes as they can really liven up and brighten your home. All the best to you and have a good day.

  3. Hi Norman,

    Great article!

    I used to build my own window boxes with palettes a few years ago, but today, I am a bit fed up. It is quite hard to make them. I am considering buying box windows, but before I would like to know if I can plant anything I want. Are there plants that have difficulties to grow in boxes? Or it doesn’t matter?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hello Daniella so good to see you, hope all is well with both you and your family. Now concerning your questions. When it it comes to installing plants, plants should the size that grows in hanging baskest or a little biger also depending on where the boxes are postion will determine what plants you use whether full sun, partial sun or shade. Hope this helps. Have a good day.

  4. Window boxes can be so pretty on a house. Especially when there is a pretty mix of flowers planted in them. Unfortunately my house is not the best type to have a window box but I do have hanging baskets from my deck which is pretty close.

    I never realized until last year to fertilize the plants every week as you mention in your article. I always thought once a month was good enough because I always buy soil that has it in it already. Then I spoke to the nursery person who said that it wasn’t enough. So once I started fertilizing weekly I soon began to notice that my flowers did so much better. Thank you for this reminder!

    Now I really cannot wait until I can start planting flowers again. This article really got me in the mood!

    • Hello Donna so happy tha I can help and it so good to be able to enjoy this time of the year when everything is bursting with so many beautiful colors. All the best of success to you and thanks a million for responding. Have a good day.


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