Winter Activities For Children

12 Winter Activities For Children

Winter Activities For Children-a-kid-playing-in-the-snow
A kid playing in the snow

The winter months are fast approaching this time of the year can still be filled with fun activities for kids to enjoy in spite of those cold chilly days. One thing for sure however is this is the time of the year when children dress warmly from head to toe as they prepare for outdoor activities, but there are also indoor winter activities as well which can keep them busy being just as fulfilling as they exercise their brainpower.

Below we will be discussing some of these outdoor and indoor winter activities that will put smiles on their little faces creating lasting memories for years to come. With that said let’s take a closer look at winter activities for kids.

Winter outdoor activities for children

Building a snowman

1. Building a snowman is a sure way to kick the winter month’s activities off to a great start, winter and Christmas are a great time to create a frosty the snowman. Creating a snowman and letting your children dress it themselves will have them bubbling over with joy, who knows they may also want to take a photo or two sending it to family and friends, or may even ask if they can post it on social media.

Snow Angle

2. Creating a snow angle can be lots of fun for kids, all it requires is laying straight in the snow as they let their little arms and legs swing several times in an outward and inward position.


3. Stargazing can be so much fun, both my wife and I did this at one time oh boy was this fun as we stared into the sky on a clear winter’s night. It seems as if the sky was filled with hundreds and hundreds of stars, ensure however when you decide to engage in this activity that the night is clear as you’re wrapped in warm blankets. A telescope will add more fun.

Snowboarding or Toboggan

4. Pick up the paste a bit or even a lot with snowboarding, snowboarding can be so much fun as you and your friends compete against each other or share a toboggan and go snow riding together.

Ice Skating

5. Ice skating can provide hours of fun, if your kid/kids cannot skate then this is a great time to pay for a few lessons for them as they learn this skill that’s so much fun.

Roasting marshmallows

6. This activity requires the presence of an adult, start a small campfire outside, and roast marshmallows with your children. This is a delicious way to have fun.

Winter indoor activities for children

Winter Activities For Children-boys-playing-a-game
Boys playing a game


7. Painting pictures of winter scenery is a good way for kids as they use their imaginations this is a great way for them to exercise their brainpower, this activity will keep them busy as they spend time indoors.

Baking Christmas cookies

8. Baking Christmas cookies is a great way to teach your children how to bake as they enjoy this delicious treat, you can make Christmas treats in the form of a Christmas tree, snowman, reindeers, etc.. these Christmas treats can be shared with family and friends.

Playing board games

9. Playing board games is a great way to entertain children, games such as sorry, monopoly, checkers, bingo, candy land, etc… will provide hours of excitement and to spruce things up a bit have winter prizes every time a child wins. Playing board games is also another way to test their brainpower as they develop and enhance their thinking skills.


10. Putting puzzles together will cause children to really think as they exercise their brainpower, once the puzzle is completed give them a winter treat for a job well done.

Bring nature indoors

11. Go camping indoors, set up a tent indoors in a spacious area, tell stories, eat your favorite snacks, drink hot chocolate, read exciting books, use your imagination and just have fun.

Face Painting

12. Face painting is sure to provide so much laughter as kids paint each other’s faces, see who can paint the funniest face, and give the winner a sweet winter treat.

The final word on winter activities for children

Don’t let the winter months dampen your spirits and that of your children, you can have as much fun or even more during this time of the year. These activities will make those long winter months so enjoyable as lasting memories are created, who knows when the winter months have passed and the warmer seasons set in they (children) may be burning with anticipation as they wait for that cold breeze and that first snowdrop to engage again upon those funfilled winter activities.


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4 thoughts on “Winter Activities For Children”

  1. With winter fast approaching where I live, it is great to find this awesome list of winter activities for kids. I have often found with my boys that if they are cooped up inside for too long, that the energy levels start rising and that is when arguments might break out. So to be able to dress them in winter gear and let them spend time outside, has always worked for us. 

    My personal favorite for indoor activities, is building jigsaw puzzles. But if the family is around, then board games and card games are always a winner. Thanks for sharing some great ideas. 

    • Even this time of the year can be filled with so many activities and from what you have said you are on the right track to enjoying the winter months. I am so happy to help.

  2. Hi Norman
    Great article; I have another idea for an indoor activity that you may be interested in: showing children how to grow herbs indoors using an AeroGarden or a Hydroponic system. It’s a wonderful activity where children can monitor daily growth and measure how tall the plants can grow.

  3. Hi Norman, this is quite comprehensive and informative. Although I do not like the cold, kids seem to enjoy the snow the most. These kinds of activities will make up a large part of their childhood memories.
    And most of them get inspired by Disney characters to go out and try some of this stuff, like snow angels


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