Do you want a garden that is low maintenance, requires little watering and the pest problem is like nill? Then xeriscape is the direction that you would want to head in. Also if you want to plant a garden but your concern is your water bill, then xeriscaping is the garden for you.

The advantage to this type of garden is water conservation but the disadvantage is that there are only a certain variety of plants that meet this type of garden requirements. You may have to choose plants that you are not too enthused about. Your selection must be plants that are drought tolerant or as we said a bit earlier, plants that require very little water.

Also, one other benefit is that this kind of garden reduces labor cost. Xeriscaping derives from the Greek word xeros meaning dry and scape meaning type of scene or view.

Examples of  plants used in  Xeriscape gardens


Cactus plants-xeriscaping





Desert Rose

Desert rose-xeriscaping



Aloe vera-xeriscaping



Tri-color-xeriscapingThese are just a few of the many plants that you can use.

When planting this kind of garden it is good to use a good rich organic soil. Fertilizer is optional with this kind of garden. The organic-rich soil will provide the needed nutrients.

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  1. Jess says:


    I have only just recently started to look into gardening, but I would like to use it as a way to feed my family because I am concerned about pesticides and other chemicals that are being used on commercial crops. The plants that you speak of in this article are beautiful but I am curious what areas of the world would have the best climate for them? I live in Virginia, USA and it is generally a moist climate here. Would these plants be appropriate for my area?


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