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Living  a healthy life

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Living a healthy life is a must if we are to enjoy life to the fullest, That’s why it is so important we do all that we can to promote good health. The key to living a healthy lifestyle is through diet and exercise.

We are what we eat, so if we are not eating healthy and ignoring all those other laws that govern good health we will be headed for trouble. I have seen many ignore the rules of good health and paid dearly for it.

But that doesn’t have to be your story, now is the time to do something about your health. When we eat right and exercise we will feel good about ourselves and it will give us a more positive outlook on life.


Food really matters and as was said earlier we are what we eat, therefore we must be very careful about what we let pass our teeth and gums. Someone once said that “we dig our graves with our fork and knives.”

This is so true, unfortunately. We need to learn to say no and walk away, but what gets most people is how it looks, smells, and tastes. If we train our minds to think this way then we will be in serious trouble.

So first things first, living a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise all starts in the mind. If we can only get our thoughts under control we will be in the right position to live a healthy and happy life.

I have written many articles that address these issues, here are a few you can check out. Foods that promote healthy hearts, Flavoring foods the healthy way Cleansing with fruitsThese are just a few of the links to my website. There is more for you to enjoy, just visit my site and have a look around. 

What is a Balanced Diet?

Having a balanced diet is more than just grabbing a cup of coffee and a donut or toast. A balanced diet is one that will start you off well in the morning and then you continue through with lunch and then dinner. Someone once put it this way.

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like a pauper”.

Breakfast should be the biggest meal, lunch should be light and dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. If you’re tempted to eat after eight pm then you should have a fruit or fruit salad or a vegetable salad. Keep it simple, it is good for your health.

1. Breakfast – Breakfast should consist of whole grains, fresh juice, and fruit or eggs without the egg yolk, whole wheat toast, juice, and fruit. It would also be good to include herbal tea. For more information on herbal tea follow this link. The benefit of herbal tea. Just think healthy and mix it up each morning if you can, this should be fun, and remember you are the one benefiting from this diet.

2. Lunch- Lunch should consist of a vegetable salad, or if you prefer a chicken salad, a glass of water, a fruit or fruit juice or brown rice, a piece of baked chicken, fish or a salad or what about a turkey sandwich on whole wheat along with a salad and some water with fruit juice. Remember again think healthy and mix it up. Have fun while doing this, it will pay off big time.

3. Dinner- Dinner can be a piece of meat like chicken, fish or turkey, also vegetables, brown rice or pasta along with a glass of water or fruit juice. Mix it up and have fun. Eat-in small portions, do not eat to the point until you are stuffed or feel like your going to burst,

this is not good for your digestive system. Make sure and drink 6-8 glasses of water. For more information on the benefits of water follow this link. Your health and water.

What about exercising?

Exercising is so important because staying physical can really do a lot for our bodies, it is good to keep our heart rate up. Back in the day or many generations ago persons lived long lives, even in their 70s and beyond they were healthy because they stayed active.

In this day and time of modern convenience, many people are becoming sick because their bodies are always almost immobilized. For example, instead of taking the stairs, we take the elevator.

We go to the supermarket and look for the closest parking space by the door to park instead of parking away from the door to get that few minutes of exercise before we reach the entrance of the supermarket.

Smiling healthy heart-your-diet-and-exercising
Smiling Healthy Heart

I am not saying that we should look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or like this guy here, but we should a least find simple ways to keep our heart rate up.

There are so many ways we can get a good workout, what about starting a walking or jogging program or what about getting involved in some type of sports or activity, there are so many to choose from. Example. Basketball, Tennis, football, swimming, going on a nature walk, biking, and so on I mean the list is endless when you think of starting an effective exercise program. In fact, when you have a daily routine of exercise you have more energy, your rest is more peaceful and you will feel totally revived the following morning.

You are more alert, your mind is much clearer, you have a more positive outlook on life, everything just feels good, this is the way it should be.

what happens when we are not active?

1. When we are not active, we tend to gain weight.

2. Have less energy.

3. Always feel tired.

4. Not alert as we should be.

5. Feel more tired even though we might have gotten the required amount of sleep.

6. Our muscles will become weak and shrink because we are not using them as we should.

7. Increase the risk of disease because the immune system is weak.

The final word

Diet and exercise go hand in hand we can not have one without the other but together they both complement each other, so if you haven’t started as yet it is not too late. Now is the time to get on the road to good health and enjoy life to the fullest as it was meant to be.


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13 thoughts on “Your Diet And Exercising”

  1. Hi Norman
    In my opinion healthy eating these days should be one of the most important topics of a government policies in every country. The healthier the nation – the stronger it is. We must invest more into promoting healthy lifestyle in our society. You mentioned in your article that beside dieting we should stay more active. You are absolutely right! Simple exercising like jogging would help a lot for our bodies. By the way, I use that little trick with parking. I park my car far away from the entrance of a store 🙂
    Lets get on the road of good health together and stay there.

    • Hello Vitality it is so good to meet you, having a good diet along with a good work out program can go a long way in promoting are health. It is good to see that you are taking advatange of getting that exerise workout in. Thanks for commenting, all the best to you. Stay healthy and fit my friend.

  2. Hi Norman,

    Great article, I was absorbed by the reading!
    I have 5 kilos that I try to lose for a few years now, and it seems to be stuck! I should do some exercises. I am sure it will help me lose weight:) Everyday I say to myself, tomorrow. I always find excuses not to start:)
    I eat very healthily, though, but still, I feel heavy and tired most of the time:(
    I’ll follow your suggestion and will start walking around the neighborhood with my daughter. It will be perfect for both of us!
    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hello Daniella it is so good to hear from you, hope all is well with both you and your family. It is so important that we follow the rules of good health to ensure that our bodies are in tip-top shape at all times. Thanks for those kind words and for commenting. All the best to you with your exercise program. Please let me know how it goes. Have a good day.

  3. Hi there
    Thanks for sharing your post that is very informative and to the point.Many of us have every excuse not to diet
    Another thing many of us are guilty of in not caring what we eat, we end up eating junk food for the lack of time knowing well it`s not doing anything good for our health.
    Eating healthy and exercising just for 30 minutes a day can do a big difference to our health but then again, after 10 hours in the office, one does not really want to go out jogging or whatever.
    To me I think moderation matters, I know I do not like going to the gym so what I do is go for walks in fresh air weekends and it helps keep me healthy and fit.

    • Hello roamy it iso good to hear from you and it is good to live a healthy lifestyle because of all the benefits. In this day and time in which we live. So many people are disregarding the laws of health and are having so much issues.

      Just walking for 30 minutes is good. Thanks for commenting, all the best to you ans have a good day.

  4. Hi,
    As a 48 year old that has only in the last couple of years embraced such foods as fish and vegetables into my diet I can support your points about healthier living. The other change that I have made which is supported in your article is to eat like a pauper at dinner time. Though I have not quite mastered this bit yet I am certainly a lot better than I used to be when I was working till late and then getting a take-away as I was so hungry and too tired too cook. I for one feel better for the changes I have made.


    • Hello Dean it is so good to meet you. Eating healthy is so important and therefore we should do all we can to maintain proper health. Thanks for commenting and for making me aware that I got the word pauper spell all wrong in my article. All the best to you, wishing you the best of good health. Have a good afternoon.

  5. Thanks for sharing about the healthy diet and ways to become healthier in life. I agree with you about the point we are what we eat. Too often, we are attracted by the fried food that look so appealing, especially in Asian country which is famous for its different food varieties. That’s somehow turn our health into bad condition.

    One question. Nowadays, the vege and fruits is grown with the adoption of pesticide. No doubt organic food will be healthier, but with higher price of course. How should we get a healthier food at cheaper cost?

    • Hello lllusiozTan it is so good to hear from you, our diet plays and important part in our over-all health. Many health issues that persons face can be linked back to their diet. To eat healthy cheap, you can shop at your famers market, wait until their is a sale and buy in bulk, grow your own food, if you can use cupons, save and use leftover where possible, plan your meals etc…

      There are so many ways we can eat cheap. I have included this link, that you can have a look at. Hope this helps, and thanks for commenting. Have a good day.

  6. This article is a great reminder for me to eat healthy, drink a lot of water, and stay fit. I feel that I do a pretty good job with this but still need to tweak a few things. For example, your comment “EAT BREAKFAST LIKE A KING, LUNCH LIKE A QUEEN AND DINNER LIKE A PAUPER”. While I agree with this it can be hard to master. I am not always that hungry in the morning and do not eat that much. My big meal has always been at dinner time. Sometimes that can affect your sleeping habits so by changing my routine as you mentioned, it would probably help in this area. What are your thoughts on that? Do you feel that it helps with your sleeping by eating a smaller meal at dinner?

    Also, while I try to drink as much water as I can, I feel that all I am doing is hitting the restroom. Some days I forego so much water especially if I am traveling or running errands. Having to hit the restroom is a pain. I wish there was a solution to that :-).


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